Data Never Lies

Key insights are linked across multiple data points

As businesses look to iteratively improve product offerings to drive sales, clearly identifying the primary purchase drivers is key to success. Innovation can be expensive, and the expense can be unnecessary if the innovations are focused on the wrong issue. 

In this case study, discover how Inguo uses market research tools to:

  • identify primary purchase drivers in new product development.
  • gain insight at a well-established laundry detergent company to pinpoint where to focus efforts to prompt sales of its latest product.
  • deliver causal analysis and bring the relationship between laundry detergent and purchase intent into perspective.
  • understand key drivers of purchase decisions to focus formulation and communication efforts.

At Inguo, we use ai driven market research to learn how their data is interrelated and identify what variables drive key outcomes. Our causal graphs can be used to spur ROI-focused decision-making across any organization, especially when evaluating new product concepts.


Inguo delivers causal analysis bringing the relationship between product and purchase intent into perspective.

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